Neurointerventional NEWS – N 30 – February 2015


Michael Forsting, Editor

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the latest issue of the Neurointerventional Newsletter, I am sure that you will like it.

One part of the newsletter deals with endovascular treatment of acute stroke and the recent literature is really promising! The MR CLEAN study is a milestone and a breakthrough – it means many sites around the world will now accept endovascular thrombectomy as a first line treatment of acute intracranial vessel occlusion.

On the other hand, endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms has been first line treatment almost everywhere for more than a decade and we are now in the process of continuous improvement of endovascular methods. We are not talking (and writing) about ‘simple’ aneurysm anymore, but increasingly thinking about more complex aneurysms and how to decrease the risks of treatment and increase the success rate. And we are now looking at our long-term results – and again the results are promising.

I am very happy that we had these interesting papers and I thank all the reviewers for their work and their honesty in their comments.

Warm regards

Michael Forsting, Essen, Germany

Contributions to this issue: Tommy Andersson, Anil Arat, Lucio Castellan, Michael Forsting, Alejandro Gonzalez, Marius Hartmann, Sarah Power & Timo Krings, Juan Macho, Jorge Olier, Marc Ribo, Rodrigo Rivera & Rodrigo Riveros

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