Neurointerventional NEWS – Nº 29 – April 2014


Michael Forsting, Editor

Dear Colleagues

This is the first Neurointerventional Newsletter of 2014.

This issue again deals with a lot of interesting aspects of intracranial aneurysm therapy.

You get the newest information about a subgroup of elderly patients; what is the current opinion about the good old stents and the new flow diverters; and what is state-of-the-art in aneurysms of the middle cerebral artery. And there are several papers dealing with unruptured aneurysms.

I really recommend not only reading our summaries and comments, but also trying to read the original papers. They will help you in finding the right decision for this large patient group.

I hope you will enjoy this issue and will be happy to receive feedback from many readers.

Michael Forsting, Essen, Germany

Contributions to this issue: Tommy Andersson, Alain Bonafé, Patrick Brouwer,
James Byrne, Lucio Castellan, Andy Clifton, Michael Forsting, Zsolt Kulcsár, Jorge Olier,
Rodrigo Rivera, István Szikora

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